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English German translation - with recorded sentences and phrases!

Clip2go redefines English German translation. You can get quick translation results, listen to words and phrases and find English German videos, audio, text excerpts, pictures and more!

Search for a word in German or English above to get your translations!

Clip2go delivers English German translation results in a whole new way to make it easy to learn the language and improve your pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar and English German language comprehension. There are two ways that you can learn English German with clip2go-

1) for free online at our English German website or
2) by downloading our clip2go English or German language learning products for the iPod or mp3 player

English German translation dictionary
The clip2go dictionary allows you to see German-English-German translations. It also lets you listen to words pronounced by native speakers. And you will also find thousands of sentences and phrases that you can listen to for free. And for all registered users, a simple click allows you to save all English or German words and phrases in your own learn lists and share those lists with other users. The dictionary is also really helpful if you want to learn a foreign language because it shows you vocabulary lists that contain the word you searched for.

English German pronunciation
English and German words’ pronunciation can’t always be derived easily from the way the words or phrases are written. You need to listen to the pronunciation by native speakers and repeat what you hear to get the pronunciation right. We have thousands of phrases and words recorded in English, German and Spanish to help you learn to speak better.

English German grammar
You can practise your English or German grammar by reading text excerpts and reading the words’ translations in mouse-overs. You can ask questions regarding grammar and common grammar mistakes. If you are a beginner you can practise your beginner level grammar by selecting text excerpt word lists that are marked as beginner level.

English German translation to learn vocabulary
Vocabulary is an important part of our site. To help you learn and memorize words that you look up or discover browsing, we make it easy for you to save words into your own lists. Because you can learn and translate words in the context of a picture, video, excerpt or podcast you get an additional context that really helps you learn more quickly. You can organize your own vocabulary lists in groups and share them with other users. You can also download vocabulary trainers for your iPod or mp3 Player so that you can learn vocabulary in your car or while jogging. click here.

English German translation of song text and song lyrics
A lot of clip2go users enjoy making vocabulary lists out of their favourite music videos so that they can see the song lyrics’ translations while they watch the music video. You can learn a lot from song lyrics and their translations and the music helps you learn because you can more easily because you can retain the lyrics from a song better. Just like a song or a certain song lyric which you can’t get out of your head! Check out these videos:

German music videos: Virus - LaFee, Sie ist weg - Die fantastischen Vier, Durch den Monsun - Tokyo Hotel.

English music videos: Pink, Madonna, or David Bowie.

Get the English German translation of youtube videos
There are lots of German videos on youtube. The problem is that if you watch a German video on youtube, you don’t always understand what the video means in English. At clip2go you can see the English German translations directly beneath the video so you can understand what’s being said in the video.

Learn English or German with Podcasts
There are a lot of German podcasts available to listen to. You can listen to a English or German podcast and see what the words mean in your own language. You can just listen while you do something else and learn in the background. Our feature “play all recordings” also means that you can listen to everything spoken.

Take English German translations with you in your iPod
You can download English German translations and take them with you in your iPod or mp3 player. You can test our clip2go language software products and download our free samples here.

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