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Long expressions and examples"are"

 Are chains required?
 Are the seats numbered?
 Are there any jellyfish?
 Are there any seats left?
 Are there any tickets left?
 Are there assigned seats?
 Are you allowed to camp here?
 Are you busy?
 Are you chicken?
 Are you coming along?
 Are you crazy?
 Are you doing anything tonight?
 Are you drunk?
 Are you for Madrid or Barça?
 Are you free tonight?
 Are you free?
 Are you from here?
 Are you having fun?
 Are you hungry?
 Are you hurt?
 Are you in a hurry?
 Are you in pain?
 Are you interested in that?
 Are you kidding me?
 Are you looking for trouble?
 Are you married or single?
 Are you nuts?
 Are you off your rocker?
 Are you older than 24?
 Are you out of your mind?
 Are you staying for lunch?
 Are you sure?
 Are you surprised?
 Are you with me?
 Hello, how are you?
 Here are your keys.
 How are you doing?
 How are you insured?
 How are you?
 How many of you are there?
 How old are you?
 My ears are freezing.
 Our appetizers are ...
 Our specials today are ...
 The bathrooms are on the 2nd floor.
 The firefighters are here.
 The pants are too short.
 The sheets are dirty.
 The shoes are too small for me.
 The shoes are too small.
 The shoes are too tight.
 The streets are slippery.
 The tickets are sold out.
 there are
 There are no obstacles to that.
 There are none left.
 There are still tickets for ...
 There are three of us.
 There you are!
 These pants are too short.
 they are
 They are lovers.
 Until when are you open?
 What are the visiting hours?
 What are they like?
 What are they showing?
 What are you doing?
 What are you drinking?
 What are you going to have?
 What are you looking at?
 What are you up to?
 What game are they showing on TV?
 What movies are playing?
 What size are you?
 When are you leaving?
 Where are my glasses?
 Where are the changing rooms?
 Where are the showers?
 Where are we going?
 Where are you flying to?
 Where are you from?
 Where are you from?
 Where are you going?
 Where are you?
 Where are your friends?
 Where the hell are you?
 Which hotel are you in?
 Which hotel are you staying at?
 Who are Barça playing?
 Who are you going to vote for?
 Who are you?
 you are
 You are beautiful!
 You are entitled to it.
 You are exasperating.
 You are very pretty!
 You are very pretty.
 Your feet are sandy.

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