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Long expressions and examples"can"

 Any child can tell you that.
 beverage can
 Can I ask you something?
 Can I ask you whether ...?
 Can I borrow it?
 Can I get up?
 Can I get you something?
 Can I give you the check?
 Can I have a coffee?
 Can I have a kilo of oranges?
 Can I have a kilo of tomatoes?
 Can I have a little bit more?
 Can I have a receipt, please?
 Can I have his extension?
 Can I have some bread, please?
 Can I have the bill, please?
 Can I have the check, please?
 Can I have the salt?
 Can I have your phone number?
 Can I help you?
 Can I invite you to something?
 Can I leave a message?
 Can I leave my bags here?
 Can I leave the car here?
 Can I park here?
 Can I pay cash?
 Can I pay with a credit card?
 Can I pay?
 Can I see your bag, please?
 Can I see your ID, please?
 Can I see your mp3-player?
 Can I see your passport?
 Can I see your ticket, please?
 Can I see your ticket?
 Can I speak to …?
 Can I take a look at it?
 Can I take a message?
 Can I try it on?
 Can I use your bathroom?
 can opener
 Can we get separate checks?
 Can we pay separately?
 Can we sit outside?
 Can you answer the phone?
 Can you believe that?
 Can you breathe deeply!
 Can you bring us some more bread, please?
 Can you change 20 Euros?
 Can you check the oil, please?
 Can you close the window?
 Can you do me a favor?
 Can you fix the headlights?
 Can you fix the lights?
 Can you fix this?
 Can you get something for me?
 Can you give me a brochure?
 Can you give me a light?
 Can you give me a receipt?
 Can you give me a tow?
 Can you give me a wake-up call at 7:30?
 Can you give me change for this?
 Can you give me his phone number?
 Can you give me your credit card number?
 Can you give me your telephone number?
 Can you give us seats in the middle?
 Can you give us those seats in the middle?
 Can you hear me?
 Can you help me push the car?
 Can you help me?
 Can you manage?
 Can you open your bag, please?
 Can you order it?
 Can you order me a cab?
 Can you park here?
 Can you pass me the salt?
 Can you picture that?
 Can you play the guitar?
 Can you please let me by?
 Can you recommend something for me?
 Can you repeat that, please?
 Can you rephrase that?
 Can you say that again?
 Can you see to that?
 Can you show me some ID?
 Can you slide over?
 Can you swim here?
 Can you take pictures here?
 Can you tell her that ...
 Can you tell her to call me back?
 Can you tell him that ... ?
 Can you tell me ... ?
 Can you tell me what this is?
 Can you turn the heat up?
 Can you watch my bag?
 Can you wrap it as a present?
 Can you wrap this, please?
 Can you write that down, please?
 Can't get any better.
 garbage can
 gas can
 gasoline can
 He can afford it.
 He can't be fooled.
 He can't help it.
 How can I help you?
 I can
 I can hardly wait ...
 I can manage alone.
 I can't believe it!
 I can't blame him.
 I can't complain!
 I can't do anything about it.
 I can't do it.
 I can't hear that any more!
 I can't hear you!
 I can't help it.
 I can't help it.
 I can't help …
 I can't make it.
 I can't move my arm.
 I can't reach anyone.
 I can't really hear you.
 I can't remember him.
 I can't see anything.
 I can't stand him.
 I can't stand it.
 I can't swim.
 I can't talk right now.
 I can't think of anything.
 I can't wait to ..
 I can't.
 I just can't believe it!
 I think he can do it.
 I'll get the tickets and you can get the popcorn.
 Is there somewhere I can leave my bags?
 It can't be helped.
 out of a can
 She can't take your call right now.
 soda can
 Sorry, I can't make it.
 Sorry, I can't speak now.
 spray can
 That can't be true!
 That can't be!
 Those who can't use their head must use their back.
 trash can
 watering can
 We can manage.
 What can I do for you?
 What can I get you?
 What can we see around here?
 When can I pick it up?
 When can you show up?
 Where can I do laundry?
 Where can I find the Church of St. Marc?
 Where can I park my car?
 Where can I pick up my suitcase?
 Where can I pick up the keys?
 Where can I report it?
 Where can I try this on?
 Where can you get tickets?
 Where can you pay?
 You can always count on me.
 You can bet on that!
 You can download it.
 You can forget that!
 You can have it.
 You can have three guesses.
 You can say that again!
 You can tell by ...
 You can use it.
 You can't eat that!
 You can't reserve seats.
 You can't smoke here.

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