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Long expressions and examples"for"

 a course for beginners
 a match for
 a sight for sore eyes
 A table for 8 o'clock.
 A table for four.
 A ticket for León.
 A ticket for the 15th of May, please.
 A ticket for the bus to León.
 A ticket for the bus to Ulm.
 A ticket for the train at 3 o'clock, please.
 A ticket for tonight.
 A ticket for Ulm.
 to account for
 to account for
 to ache for
 to aim for
 to allow for
 to answer for
 to appeal to so. for sth
 application for
 to apply for
 to apply for a permit
 Are you for Madrid or Barça?
 Are you looking for trouble?
 Are you staying for lunch?
 to argue for sth
 as for ...
 As for me ...
 to ask for
 to ask for advice
 to ask for too much
 to ask sb for sth
 to ask someone for a favor
 to ask someone for advice
 to atone for
 to atone for sth
 to bargain for sth
 to barter for
 to barter for sth
 to be a match for so.
 to be anxious for sth
 to be destined for sth
 to be for the benefit of
 to be glad for
 to be in the mood for ...
 to be liable for
 to be looking for sth
 to be made for each other
 to be meant for
 to be meant for each other
 to be prepared for
 to be provided for
 to be ready for
 be responsible for
 to be suited for
 to be there for sb
 to beg for
 to blame so. for sth
 bound for
 but for
 to calculate sth for sb
 to call for
 call for help
 Can you get something for me?
 Can you give me change for this?
 Can you recommend something for me?
 to care for
 to care for so.
 to care for something
 to cater for
 to change for the better
 to charge for
 to clamor for sth
 to come for
 to compete for
 to compete for sth
 to compete with sb for sth
 to contend for sth
 Could you do something for me?
 Could you wrap it for me?
 to crave for
 craving for
 to cry for help
 demand for
 desire for action
 desire for recognition
 Did a fax arrive for me?
 Did someone call for me?
 Did someone leave something for me?
 to dig for sth
 directions for use
 to dive for shells
 Do it for my sake!
 Do you have a room for tonight?
 Do you have anything for a cold?
 Do you need a prescription for this?
 Do you still have a table for 2?
 to draw lots for
 eager for
 eager for knowledge
 emblematic for
 enthusiasm for
 to envy so. for sth
 except for
 except for you
 to exchange for
 to fall for sth
 to feel for
 to feel sorry for
 feeling for time
 to fight for
 to fill in for someone
 to find so. guilty for sth
 fit for work
 for a change
 for a cup of coffee
 for a long time
 for a time
 for a while
 for adults
 for ages
 for all eternity
 For all I care.
 for all I know
 for attention of
 for cash
 for days
 for days in a row
 For dessert ...
 for dinner
 for each other
 for example
 for free
 for God's sake
 For God's sake!
 for good
 for good measure
 for good reason
 For goodness sake!
 For heaven's sake!
 for her part
 for her sake
 for hours
 For how many days?
 For how many people?
 for instance
 for internal use only
 for it
 for joy
 for lack of
 for life
 for miles
 for miles around
 for months
 for my part
 for my sake
 for next Friday
 for nothing
 for now
 for once
 for payment
 for rent
 for sale
 for sb's attention
 for some reason
 for some time
 for sure
 For sure!
 for that
 for the
 for the attention of
 for the first time
 for the fun of it
 for the most part
 for the present
 for the purpose of
 for the sake of
 for the time being
 for the umpteenth time
 for their part
 for this
 for this purpose
 for two hours
 for weeks
 for what
 For what reason?
 for which
 for years
 for your own good
 for your part
 for your sake
 game for anything
 to gasp for breath
 gather for sth
 get for sth
 to get ready for something
 to go for a drive
 to go for a ride
 to go for a stroll
 to go for a swim
 to go for a walk
 to go for broke
 Go for it!
 Go for it!
 to go for sb
 to go out for drinks
 greed for profit
 to grope for
 to have it in for
 to have the idea for sth
 to have the time for
 He's too good for that.
 to head for
 home for the elderly
 to hope for
 to hope for the best
 house for many families
 How would you like to pay for that?
 I didn't find the time for it.
 I don't have enough money for everything.
 I had fried eggs and ham for breakfast.
 I met some friends for dinner.
 I went for a bike ride.
 I went out for drinks with a friend. m
 I'll wait for you at the entrance.
 I'll wait for you.
 I'm going for a swim.
 I'm looking for a CD from Nena.
 I'm looking for a CD from Pink.
 I'm looking for a pharmacy.
 I'm looking for the dining car.
 if it's convenient for you
 in reprisal for
 to intend for
 to intend sth for
 to invoice for
 Is it ok for kids?
 Is it ok for you?
 Is it suitable for children?
 Is the castle open for visitors?
 Is there a charge for that?
 Is there mail for me?
 It's hard for her.
 to jump for joy
 just for fun
 just for kicks
 Just for one night.
 Just for tonight.
 Keeps for 2 weeks.
 Last call for flight Nr. ..
 lasting for hours
 lasting for years
 to leave something for someone
 Let me take you out for dinner.
 liable for military service
 to lie in wait for
 to listen for
 to long for
 to look around for
 to look around for sth
 to look for
 to look for approval
 to look out for
 to look out for sb
 to look out for sth
 to lust for
 to make allowances for
 to make it easy for sb
 to make up for
 to make up for something
 to make up for sth
 to make way for so.
 meant for each other
 to mistake for
 to mourn for
 much longed for
 No dessert for me, please.
 not for all the money in the world
 not for sale
 not for the world
 once and for all
 once for all
 to pave the way for
 to pave the way for so.
 to pay for
 to pay for so.
 to pay for sth
 to petition for
 to play sth for sb
 to plead for
 to prepare food for
 to prepare for sth
 to prepare the ground for
 to press for
 pressed for time
 to prospect for sth
 to provide for
 to provide for so.
 to qualify for
 to reach for
 ready for
 ready for anything
 ready for press
 ready for use
 to register for a course
 to repay so. for sth
 to report for
 request for
 to resent sb for sth
 to rummage for sth
 Say hello to Anna for me!
 Say hello to Cynthia for me!
 Say hi to Steve for me!
 to scramble for
 to scuffle for
 to search for
 to search for sb
 search for work
 to search hectically for sth
 to send for
 Should we go for a walk?
 to show compassion for
 to show consideration for
 to sit for one's portrait
 slated for
 to speak up for
 to spoil sth for so.
 to stand bail for
 to stand for
 to stand up for
 to stick up for so.
 to strive for
 striving for power
 to struggle for
 struggle for life
 struggle for survival
 to sue so. for damages
 suitable for children
 table for the regulars
 to take for a ride
 to take for granted
 to take responsibility for
 to take sb for one's wife
 to take so. for a ride
 to take the rap for
 tea for a cough
 to thank so. for
 to thank so. for sth
 Thank you for having me.
 Thanks for coming.
 Thanks for inviting me!
 That goes for you too.
 That is for sure.
 That's taking for ever!
 That's too expensive for me.
 That's too hot for me.
 That's too much for me.
 That's too spicy for me.
 The blouse is too big for me.
 the idea for sth
 The shoes are too small for me.
 There are still tickets for ...
 thirst for
 to thirst for
 thirst for action
 thirst for knowledge
 thirst for power
 This is for you.
 Three cheers for him!
 tickets for this show
 Tit for tat.
 to be made for it
 to be tailor-made for sb
 to have a good eye for sth
 to make a beeline for sth
 to tussle for
 Two tickets for "Shrek" at 11pm.
 Two tickets for cinema 2 please.
 Two tickets for the game on Sunday.
 unaccounted for
 unfit for consumption
 unfit for work
 to use for another purpose
 to volunteer for
 to volunteer for sth
 vote for
 to vouch for
 to wait for
 to watch for
 We're staying for 2 more days.
 to weep for
 What can I do for you?
 What do you do for a living?
 what for
 What for?
 What was that for?
 What's in it for me?
 When does a bus leave for Kiel?
 When does the bus leave for LA?
 When would you like it for?
 Who are you going to vote for?
 Who did you vote for?
 to wish for
 to wish for sth
 without consideration for sb
 to work hard for
 to yearn for
 zest for action

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