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Long expressions and examples"in"

 20 drops in water
 a contradiction in terms
 a drop in the bucket
 a drop in the ocean
 absorbed in
 accuracy in firing
 all in all
 to answer in the negative
 Are you in a hurry?
 Are you in pain?
 Are you interested in that?
 to ask in
 to ask sb in
 to ask so. in
 baggage check-in
 baked in the oven
 bathed in sweat
 to be absorbed in
 to be active in
 to be allowed in
 to be clad in white
 to be dressed in ...
 to be engaged in
 to be engaged in sth
 to be head over heels in love
 to be in
 to be in a coma
 to be in a good mood
 to be in a good position
 to be in a hurry
 to be in a jam
 to be in a pout
 to be in a rage
 to be in a slump
 to be in a stupor
 to be in agreement
 to be in charge
 to be in charge of
 to be in charge of sth
 to be in contact
 to be in control of
 to be in danger
 to be in debt
 to be in detention
 to be in doubt
 to be in force
 to be in labor
 to be in limbo
 to be in love with someone
 to be in luck
 to be in mourning
 to be in need
 to be in need of
 to be in need of sth
 to be in on sth
 to be in operation
 to be in possession of
 to be in progress
 to be in search
 to be in season
 to be in someone's way
 to be in the doldrums
 to be in the habit of doing sth
 to be in the know about
 to be in the lead
 to be in the limelight
 to be in the mood for ...
 to be in the spotlight
 to be in touch
 to be in training
 to be in trouble
 to be in urgent need
 to be included in
 to be interested in
 to be interested in sth
 to be involved in sth
 to be kept in
 to be killed in action
 to be lacking in
 to be madly in love with
 to be stuck in a traffic jam
 to be taken in
 to bear in mind
 bearing in mind
 to beat in
 being in love
 belief in
 to believe in
 to believe in God
 to blend in
 bound in leather
 to break in
 to break in the door
 to break in two
 breakfast served in your room
 to breathe in
 to bring in
 to brown in the oven
 to brown sth in the oven
 to build in
 built-in kitchen
 buried in snow
 to burn in
 to burst in
 buzzing in the ears
 to call in
 to call in sick
 Can you give us seats in the middle?
 Can you give us those seats in the middle?
 to carve in
 case in point
 cashing in
 to catch in the act
 to catch so. in the act
 character in a novel
 to check in
 check-in desk
 Check-in is at 2 o'clock.
 to check-in luggage
 to clock in
 to color in sth
 to come in
 to come in handy
 to come in last
 to come in the market
 to come in useful
 Come in!
 commander in chief
 to confide in
 to confide in so.
 confident in oneself
 to count in
 to creep in
 to culminate in
 to cut in
 to cut in half
 cut in line
 to cut in on so.
 to cut in the middle
 to cut in two
 day in day out
 to deal in
 deeply in debt
 to delight in
 departure in 10 minutes
 to dig in
 Dig in!
 to divide in half
 to do in
 to do so. in
 Do you have any bags to check in?
 Do you have this in a size 10?
 Do you have this in black?
 Do you have this in green, too?
 to draw in
 drenched in sweat
 dressed in white
 to drift in
 to drink in one gulp
 to drop in on someone
 drop in prices
 dug in
 to embroil someone in something
 end in itself
 to engage in
 to engage so. in
 to entangle in
 equal in rank
 error in reasoning
 to fade in
 to fall in
 to fall in love
 to fall in love with
 to fall in love with someone
 to fence in
 to fill in
 to fill in for someone
 to find pleasure in
 to find pleasure in sth
 to fit in
 flaw in one's reasoning
 to flood in
 to flow in
 to fly in
 fold in
 for days in a row
 fried in a pan
 gap in one's memory
 gap in one's teeth
 to get a slap in the face
 to get in
 to get in a huff
 to get in line
 to get in sb's way
 to get in touch
 to get in touch with
 to get snowed in
 to give in
 to go far in life
 to go in
 to go in search
 to go into sth in depth
 to hammer in
 to hand in
 to hand in an application
 hand in hand
 to hand in later
 to hang in there
 to have a say in
 to have difficulty in doing sth
 to have in mind
 to have in stock
 to have it in for
 to have sth in place
 He is in good health.
 He lives in Madrid.
 He works as a waiter in a bar.
 He's in sales.
 He's not in right now.
 hemmed in
 to hold in high esteem
 to hold something in one's hands
 How do I log in?
 How do you say that in English?
 How do you say that in German?
 to hurry on in advance
 I got up at 8 in the morning.
 I live in Barcelona.
 I was born in 1979 in Barcelona.
 I was in the library.
 I woke up at 8 in the morning.
 I work as a secretary in an office.
 I'll be back in a second.
 I'll see you tomorrow in Salamanca.
 I'm done in.
 I'm in love with you.
 I'm in pain.
 I've fallen in love with you.
 to immerse oneself in
 to implicate so. in
 in a bad mood
 in a certain way
 in a few hours
 in a good mood
 in a huff
 in a hurry
 in a jiffy
 in a low voice
 in a mad fury
 in a manner of speaking
 in a nutshell
 in a roundabout way
 in a row
 in a sense
 in a snap
 in a superior manner
 in a very bad mood
 in a word
 in abundance
 in accordance with
 in action
 in addition
 in addition to
 in addition to that
 in advance
 in aid of
 in all directions
 in all honesty
 in an emergency
 in another size
 in anticipation of
 in any case
 in any event
 in bad condition
 in bad shape
 in bad taste
 in batches
 in between
 in brackets
 in broad daylight
 in case
 in case of
 in case of emergency
 in clear
 in cold blood
 in color
 in commemoration of
 in common
 in comparison with
 in compliance with
 in confidence
 in conflict with
 in connection with
 in consideration of sth
 in contrast
 in crowds
 in custody
 in days to come
 in defiance of sb
 in demand
 in depth
 in detail
 in different colors
 in disgust
 in doing so
 in drops
 in droves
 in due course
 in each other
 in earnest
 in English
 in essence
 in every way
 in exasperation
 in excellent form
 in excerpts
 in excess of ...
 in exchange
 in extracts
 in fact
 in fashion
 in favor
 in favor of
 in favour of
 in fits and starts
 in flocks
 in force
 in form
 in front
 in front of
 in front of each other
 in front of it
 in front of the building
 in front of the entrance
 in front of the theater
 in front of what
 in front of which
 in full
 in full swing
 in future
 in general
 in German
 in good company
 in good condition
 in good faith
 in good time
 in heaps
 in heat
 in here
 in high regard
 in high spirits
 in hindsight
 in his capacity as
 in his opinion
 in his place
 in honor of
 in hordes
 in installments
 in inverted commas
 in isolated cases
 in it
 in italics
 in itself
 in keeping with
 in large quantities
 in lieu of
 in limbo
 in line
 in love
 in low spirits
 in May
 in midair
 in mint condition
 in my estimation
 in my opinion
 in need of consolation
 in need of help
 in need of reform
 in need of rest
 in no time
 in one another
 in one hour
 in one piece
 in operation
 in order
 in order that
 in order to
 in other words
 in pairs
 in particular
 in parts
 in passing
 in person
 in phases
 in pieces
 in place
 in place of
 in places
 in plain clothes
 in plain language
 in poor condition
 in possession of
 in practice
 in private
 in progress
 in proper style
 in proportion
 in proportion to
 in public
 in pursuance of
 in quest of
 in question
 in rank and file
 in reply
 in reply to
 in reprisal for
 in return
 in rotation
 in rows
 in seclusion
 in secret
 in series
 in service
 in short
 in short supply
 in sight
 in silence
 in size 10 or 12
 in snatches
 in so far
 in so far as
 in solidarity
 in speech and writing
 in spite of
 in spite of that
 in stock
 in succession
 in such a way
 in synch
 in tears
 in terms
 in terms of
 in terms of money
 in the
 in the afternoon
 in the balcony
 in the beginning
 in the best manner
 in the case that
 in the center
 in the city center
 in the context of
 in the country
 in the dark
 in the daytime
 in the dead of winter
 in the direct line
 in the distance
 in the end
 in the evening
 in the face of
 in the first place
 in the following
 in the fourth place
 in the gallery
 in the green
 in the lead
 in the limelight
 in the long run
 in the manner of
 in the manner of ...
 in the meantime
 in the middle
 in the middle of
 in the middle of May
 in the middle of the night
 in the midst of
 in the morning
 in the near future
 in the night
 in the open
 in the open street
 in the orchestra stalls
 in the press
 in the red
 in the shade
 in the short term
 in the sky
 in the street
 in the vernacular
 in the very beginning
 in the way
 in the wild
 in the window
 in there
 in this
 in this aspect
 in this case
 in this country
 in this regard
 in this respect
 in this sense
 in this way
 in those days
 in time
 in transit
 in truth
 in turn
 in two
 in two pieces
 in two weeks
 in twos
 in unison
 in use
 in vain
 in vicinity
 in view of
 in virtue of
 in vogue
 in what
 in which
 In which language do they show it?
 in working order
 in writing
 in your midst
 in your position
 increase in contributions
 increase in prices
 to increase in value
 to indulge in
 to indulge in sth
 to inquire in
 to inspire fear in sb
 to interest in
 to interfere in
 to invite in
 to involve sb in sth
 It runs in the family.
 to jam in
 to join in
 to join in a game
 to join in doing
 just in case
 Just in case ...
 just in time
 to keep in check
 to keep in good condition
 to keep in mind
 Keep in mind ... !
 to keep in touch
 to keep sb in the dark
 to key in
 knowledgeable in
 to lead in
 to let in
 to let sb in
 to lie in ambush
 to lie in bed
 to lie in ruins
 to lie in wait
 to lie in wait for
 limit in scope
 to listen in
 to live in
 to live in comfort
 to live in concord with
 live in great style
 to live in luxury
 to lock sb in
 to look in
 to lose one's faith in
 lost in thought
 to march in
 to mark in
 to mix in
 to move in
 to move in together
 moving in
 Ms. Huth will be with you in a moment.
 Never in a hundred years!
 new boy in school
 new girl in school
 Next in line, please!
 no voice in the matter
 No way in hell!
 not for all the money in the world
 not in the least
 to not to be able to get a word in edgewise
 once in a lifetime
 one in a million
 to order in advance
 ordered in advance
 to originate in
 to originate in sth
 pain in the neck
 to participate in
 to participate in sth
 to pay in
 to pay in advance
 to pay in cash
 to pay in full
 to persist in
 to plant oneself in front of
 point in time
 potatoes boiled in their skins
 to pour in
 to press in
 to program in
 to push in
 to put in
 to put in circulation
 to put in concrete terms
 to put in front
 to put os. in danger
 to put os. in sb's position
 to put sb in danger
 to rake in
 to reckon in
 to reel in
 to rein in
 to represent in court
 restricted in time
 to result in
 to revel in
 rich in vitamins
 right in front of you
 right in the heart of the city
 to run in
 to rush in
 See you in a bit.
 to seep in
 to send in
 service in return
 to set in
 to set in concrete
 Set up another visit in ...
 to settle in
 ships in vicinity
 to show an interest in sth
 to shroud in fog
 to sink in
 slap in the face
 to slap sb in the face
 to slap so. in the face
 to sleep in
 to smuggle in
 to sneak in
 to snow in
 snowed in
 to soak in
 soaked in rum
 Sorry, you're in my seat.
 to specialize in
 to squeeze in
 to stab in the back
 stand in line
 to stay in bed
 Stay in bed!
 to stay in contact
 to stay in touch
 Stay in touch!
 to step in
 sth in between
 to stir in
 to storm in
 to succeed in doing
 to succeed in sth
 to suck in
 to sway arm in arm
 to swear in
 sworn in
 to take an interest in
 take comfort in sth
 to take in
 to take in tow
 to take part in
 to take part in sth
 to take pleasure in
 to take pleasure in sth
 to take sb in
 to testify in court
 The car is parked in Asalto Street.
 The car is parked in the Parkstraße.
 The city lay in ruins.
 The sun in shining.
 There could be sth in it.
 There is no point in it.
 to throw in
 to throw in the towel
 to be in a bad way
 to be in a tight spot
 to be in high spirits
 to be in league with
 to be in the dark about sth
 to be in the know
 to be in the red
 to be in the same boat
 to be in the way
 to be slow in the uptake
 to do sb in
 to drop in
 to have one foot in the grave
 to have one's heart in the right place
 to leave in the lurch
 to nip in the bud
 to not get a word in
 to throw dust in sb's eyes
 to throw in the towel
 tongue in cheek
 to traffic in drugs
 to traffic in sth
 to trust in
 trust in God
 to tuck in
 to turn in
 to turn oneself in
 to turn os. in
 twisted in pain
 to type in
 to usher in
 varied in shape
 to wait in line
 to waste in drink
 We have it in black, white and red.
 We'll stay in touch.
 wedged in
 to weld in
 What's in it for me?
 What's the harm in that?
 When do they let you in?
 Which hotel are you in?
 to win in
 to work in
 to work in parallel
 work in the fields
 to writhe in pain
 year in year out
 You're a pain in the ass.
 You're a pain in the butt.
 You're in the wrong place.
 to zoom in

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