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Long expressions and examples"is"

 A storm is coming.
 as is right and proper
 Boarding is at 1:30 pm.
 Brevity is the soul of wit.
 Can you tell me what this is?
 Check-in is at 2 o'clock.
 Could you tell me where the station is?
 Do you know if the museum is far from here?
 Do you know where the Church of St. Marc is?
 enough is enough
 Excuse me, this is my seat.
 Excuse me, where is ... ?
 From which time period is this?
 He is a close friend.
 He is doing better.
 He is in good health.
 Hi, this is Mario.
 Hi, this is Tom.
 How deep is the water here?
 How far is it to the museum?
 How far is that?
 How is it that ...?
 How is that?
 How late is it?
 How long is the game?
 How much is everything?
 How much is it?
 How much is it?
 How much is that per day?
 How much is the lettuce?
 How much is the T-shirt?
 How old is it?
 I'm sorry, the train is full.
 Is breakfast included?
 Is everything all right?
 Is everything alright?
 Is everything fine?
 Is he already gone?
 Is he already up?
 Is it a direct flight?
 Is it all right?
 Is it close to the beach?
 Is it cold?
 Is it contagious?
 Is it dangerous?
 Is it far?
 Is it fine like this?
 Is it getting late?
 Is it going to rain?
 Is it hot?
 Is it ok for kids?
 Is it ok for you?
 Is it ok, if I ... ?
 Is it possible ... ?
 Is it pouring?
 Is it snowing?
 Is it suitable for children?
 Is it sunny or cloudy?
 Is it very far?
 Is it windy?
 Is Maria there?
 is still afloat
 Is that a fact!
 Is that all?
 Is that clear?
 Is that definite?
 Is the castle open for visitors?
 Is the film with subtitles?
 Is the museum very far from here?
 Is the post office open?
 Is the room quiet?
 Is the traffic bad?
 Is the train late?
 Is there a bank near here?
 Is there a bus that goes later?
 Is there a charge for that?
 Is there a doctor here?
 Is there a phone around here?
 Is there a single room available?
 Is there an earlier train?
 Is there another room?
 Is there mail for me?
 Is there somewhere I can leave my bags?
 Is there table service?
 Is this chair taken?
 Is this pure cotton?
 Is this real leather?
 Is this seat taken?
 Is this the bus to ...?
 Is this the hotel Am Markt?
 Is this the Park Hotel NY?
 Is this the road to LA?
 Is this the street to Aachen?
 Is this the train to Newark?
 Is this the train to Ulm?
 Is this the way to Granada?
 Is this the way to Munich?
 Is this the way to the metro?
 Is this with meat?
 it is a matter of ...
 it is about ...
 it is advisable
 It is fortuitous.
 It is lucky.
 It is pouring with rain.
 it is true ..., but ...
 Mr. Birk is expecting you.
 Mr. Klose is expecting you.
 My email address is ...
 My favorite dish is ...
 My leg is broken.
 My name is ...
 My name is Carmen.
 My name is Maria.
 My name is Monika.
 My watch is slow.
 Our money is gone!
 sb's mouth is watering
 She is not available.
 show how good one is
 someone is short of sth
 Something is bugging me.
 Something is going on.
 Sorry, this seat is taken.
 that is ...
 That is because ...
 That is beside the point
 That is for sure.
 That is going too far.
 That is really cool.
 That's just the way he is.
 That's the way it is.
 The air conditioning is too cold.
 The battery is empty.
 The blouse is too big for me.
 The blouse is too big.
 The car is parked in Asalto Street.
 The car is parked in the Parkstraße.
 The change is wrong.
 The city code of Barcelona is 93.
 The city code of Berlin is 030.
 The coast is clear!
 The departure is delayed.
 The drain is stopped up.
 The faucet is dripping.
 The flight is late.
 The house is haunted.
 The light is on.
 The line is busy.
 The main course is vegetarian.
 The opposite is true!
 The parking garage is full.
 The radiator is leaking.
 The refrigerator is empty.
 The restroom is out of order.
 The room is completely furnished.
 The sea is stormy today.
 The service is awful.
 The sky is cloudy.
 The smoke is bothering me.
 The soup is over salted.
 The sun is blazing.
 The sun is up.
 The thing is ...
 The thing is that ...
 The time is ripe.
 there is
 There is a lack of sth.
 There is no point
 There is no point in it.
 There is no such thing.
 There is no time.
 there is sth wrong with sb
 to think one is
 This bathing suit is ugly!
 This chair is taken.
 This guy is bad news.
 This is a one-way street.
 This is for you.
 This is me.
 This is my business card.
 This is my first time here.
 This is no good.
 This website is great!
 Time is up.
 to be standing until one is ready to drop
 What day is it today?
 What is it about?
 What is that made of?
 What is the line-up?
 What is this about?
 What material is that?
 What time is it?
 What time is the performance?
 When is breakfast?
 When is the last train back?
 When is the service?
 Where is a mailbox?
 Where is gate C24?
 Where is platform 12?
 Where is the bathroom, please?
 Where is the bathroom?
 Where is the nearest bus stop?
 Where is the nearest parking garage?
 Where is the restroom?
 Where the hell is he?
 which is why
 Which material is it made of?
 Why is that?
 Your bag is 10 kilos overweight.
 Your blood pressure is too high.
 Your boarding gate is B22.

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