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Long expressions and examples"my"

 at my expense
 at my place
 by my watch
 Can I leave my bags here?
 Can you watch my bag?
 Come to my place this evening!
 Cross my heart!
 Did you forget my beer?
 Do it for my sake!
 Do you like my new apartment?
 Do you need my passport?
 Do you want to see my passport?
 Excuse me, this is my seat.
 for my part
 for my sake
 from my own experience
 Give me a call on my cell.
 Have you seen my bag?
 Here's my email address.
 I broke my leg.
 I can't move my arm.
 I left my cell phone here.
 I lost my passport.
 I sprained my ankle.
 I visited my grandmother.
 I went shopping with my sister.
 I'd like to change my return flight.
 I'd like to get my money back.
 I'd like to introduce my friend to you.
 I'd like to introduce you to my friend.
 I'd like to make a deposit to my account.
 I'll bring my laundry to the cleaners.
 I'll start my Spanish lessons this year.
 I'm here on my own.
 I'm losing my patience.
 in my estimation
 in my opinion
 Is there somewhere I can leave my bags?
 It blows my mind.
 It breaks my heart.
 It gets on my nerves.
 It slipped my mind.
 It took my breath away.
 It's my birthday next Friday.
 It's my turn.
 It's not my fault!
 It's not my fault!
 It's not my fault.
 It's on the tip of my tongue.
 My bag was lost.
 My car broke down.
 My car was broken into.
 My condolences!
 My condolences!
 My ears are freezing.
 My email address is ...
 My favorite dish is ...
 My hair stands on end.
 My iPod doesn't work anymore.
 My iPod was stolen.
 My keys, please!
 my late husband
 My leg is broken.
 My luggage didn't arrive!
 My name is ...
 My name is Carmen.
 My name is Maria.
 My name is Monika.
 My place or yours?
 My pleasure!
 My wallet's been stolen.
 My watch is slow.
 Oh my God!
 Oh, my God!
 Over my dead body!
 to pique my interest
 She'll break my heart.
 Somebody stole my bag.
 Sorry, you're in my seat.
 That's not my thing.
 This is my business card.
 This is my first time here.
 to my knowledge
 Where are my glasses?
 Where can I park my car?
 Where can I pick up my suitcase?
 Who's my contact person?
 with all my heart
 Would you be my witness?
 You're getting on my nerves!

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