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Long expressions and examples"time"

 a long time
 a long time ago
 about time
 to agree on a time
 all the time
 all the time
 all-time low
 another time
 any time
 any time
 to arrange a time
 arrival time
 at an all-time low
 at any time
 at that time
 at the same time
 At what time?
 to be on time
 to beat time
 behind time
 by this time
 check-out time
 closing time
 to dawdle away time
 daylight savings time
 delivery time
 departure time
 to do it just this one time
 Do you have time tomorrow?
 Don't waste your time!
 double time
 each time
 every time
 expenditure of time
 fairly long time
 feeling for time
 for a long time
 for a time
 for some time
 for the first time
 for the time being
 for the umpteenth time
 free time
 from time to time
 From which time period is this?
 full-time job
 to get time off
 Have a good time!
 Have a good time!
 to have a nice time
 to have the time for
 high time
 I didn't find the time for it.
 I'm having a bad time.
 I'm having a tough time.
 I'm not having such a good time
 in good time
 in no time
 in time
 It hurts all the time.
 It was a long time ago.
 it's about time
 It's about time that ...
 it's time
 just in time
 to keep time
 last time
 lead time
 leisure time
 Let's do that some other time!
 local time
 matter of time
 most of the time
 next time
 on time
 Once upon a time there was ...
 one at a time
 over time
 part-time job
 to pass the time
 to pass the time with
 to pass time
 period of time
 point in time
 present time
 pressed for time
 question of time
 reaction time
 restricted in time
 to run out of time
 running time
 sense of time
 to serve one's time
 to set a time limit
 since that time
 Some other time!
 to spend time
 summer time
 to take a long time
 to take one's time
 to take up sb's time
 Take your time!
 tell the time
 the first time
 The time has come.
 The time is ripe.
 the whole time
 There is no time.
 This is my first time here.
 this time
 Three at a time.
 Till next time!
 time allowance
 time bomb
 time consuming
 time gap
 time invest
 Time is up.
 time lapse
 time limit
 time of crisis
 time of day
 time of departure
 time off
 time period
 time pressure
 time requirement
 time to come
 time to think about it
 time zone
 Time's up!
 to kill time
 waste of time
 to waste time
 We have enough time.
 What time does the bank close?
 What time does the Madrid train arrive?
 What time does the match start?
 What time does your flight leave?
 What time is it?
 What time is the performance?
 What's the time?
 What's the time?
 When's the best time to reach you?
 to while away the time

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