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to be
Long expressions and examples"be"

 Another possibility would be ...
 to appear to be
 to be a burden to
 to be a credit to so.
 to be a disgrace to so.
 to be a hypocrite
 to be a match for so.
 to be a means to an end
 to be a success
 to be a year today since
 to be able to
 to be able to deal with sth
 to be able to do sth
 to be able to get away
 to be able to make use of sth
 to be able to return
 to be about
 to be about sth
 to be about to do sth
 to be above such things
 to be absorbed in
 to be accompanied with
 to be accurate
 to be acquainted with
 to be active in
 to be added
 to be addicted to
 to be afraid
 to be afraid of
 to be afraid of sth
 to be after
 to be after sb
 to be aglow with
 to be agnostic about sth
 to be ahead of so.
 to be aimed
 to be aimed at
 to be aimed at sth
 to be alert
 to be alike
 to be alive
 to be all gone
 to be all right
 to be allowed
 to be allowed in
 to be amazed
 to be an expert at
 to be angry
 to be annoyed
 to be annoyed about sth
 to be annoyed with
 to be anxious for sth
 to be around
 to be ashamed
 to be ashamed of sth
 to be asleep
 to be astonished
 to be at disposal
 to be at each other's throats
 to be at loggerheads
 to be at one with sth
 to be at the bottom
 to be at the head
 to be at the head of
 to be at variance
 be at work
 to be attached to
 to be attached to so.
 to be attracted to so.
 to be authorized
 to be available
 to be awake
 to be aware of
 to be aware of sth
 to be away
 to be back at work
 to be based
 to be based on
 to be based upon
 to be beat
 to be behind
 to be behind sth
 to be better off
 to be beyond dispute
 to be beyond one's grasp
 to be boiled
 to be bored
 to be born
 to be bound to do something
 to be brief
 to be broken
 to be busy
 to be busy doing something
 to be called
 to be capable of
 to be careful
 Be careful!
 to be caught
 to be chairman
 to be characterized
 to be clad in white
 to be clairvoyant
 to be clear
 to be clearly visible
 to be close
 to be close to tears
 to be closed
 to be comfortable with sth
 to be compatible with
 to be composed of
 to be conceited
 to be concerned with
 to be confined
 to be congruent with
 to be connected
 to be connected with
 to be considerate of
 to be consistent with sth
 to be consumed by hatred
 to be content
 to be content to wait
 to be content with sth
 to be continued
 to be cooked
 to be cooking
 to be coy
 to be crazy
 to be crazy about someone
 to be cross
 to be cross-eyed
 to be dashed to pieces
 to be defeated
 to be delayed
 to be dependent on sth
 to be derailed
 to be destined for sth
 to be destroyed
 to be devoted to
 to be different
 to be different from
 to be difficult
 to be discharged
 to be dismissed
 to be displayed
 to be distantly related
 to be distinguished
 to be distressed
 to be divided
 to be down
 to be dressed in ...
 to be dripping wet
 to be dying
 to be easy on
 to be economical
 to be elastic
 to be eliminated
 to be embarrassed
 to be emerging
 to be enamored of
 to be enclosed
 to be engaged in
 to be engaged in sth
 to be enough
 to be entwined
 to be equal to sb
 to be equivalent to
 to be evident
 to be examined
 to be excited about someone
 to be expecting
 to be expert at
 to be extra
 to be facing each other
 to be familiar with
 be far-fetched
 to be fast
 to be feuding
 to be flabbergasted
 to be flexible
 to be fond of
 to be fond of someone
 to be for the benefit of
 to be forthcoming
 to be fortunate
 to be found
 to be friends with someone
 to be frightened
 to be from
 to be fucked up
 to be full of
 to be full of pride
 to be getting at sb
 to be given
 to be glad
 to be glad for
 to be going
 to be going on
 to be going to do sth
 to be gone
 to be good
 to be good enough
 to be good with sb
 to be guilty
 to be happy
 to be happy about something
 to be happy with sth
 to be hard
 to be hard on someone
 to be haunted by sth
 to be having dinner
 to be having lunch
 to be having problems
 to be head over heels in love
 to be helpful
 to be homesick
 be honest ...
 to be hostile to
 to be hostile towards
 to be hot
 to be hungry
 to be hurt
 to be idle
 to be imminent
 to be important
 to be impoverished
 to be imprisoned
 to be in
 to be in a coma
 to be in a good mood
 to be in a good position
 to be in a hurry
 to be in a jam
 to be in a pout
 to be in a rage
 to be in a slump
 to be in a stupor
 to be in agreement
 to be in charge
 to be in charge of
 to be in charge of sth
 to be in contact
 to be in control of
 to be in danger
 to be in debt
 to be in detention
 to be in doubt
 to be in force
 to be in labor
 to be in limbo
 to be in love with someone
 to be in luck
 to be in mourning
 to be in need
 to be in need of
 to be in need of sth
 to be in on sth
 to be in operation
 to be in possession of
 to be in progress
 to be in search
 to be in season
 to be in someone's way
 to be in the doldrums
 to be in the habit of doing sth
 to be in the know about
 to be in the lead
 to be in the limelight
 to be in the mood for ...
 to be in the spotlight
 to be in touch
 to be in training
 to be in trouble
 to be in urgent need
 to be included
 to be included in
 to be incumbent on
 to be inferior
 to be inferior to so.
 to be informed
 to be informed of
 to be inherent
 to be injured
 to be intent on
 to be intent on doing sth
 to be interested in
 to be interested in sth
 to be interrupted
 to be involved
 to be involved in sth
 to be irretrievably lost
 to be irritated by
 to be keen on sth
 to be kept in
 to be killed
 to be killed in action
 to be lacking
 to be lacking in
 to be lame
 to be last
 to be late
 to be left
 to be left behind
 to be liable
 to be liable for
 to be literate
 to be littered with
 to be located
 to be looking for sth
 to be lost
 to be lucky
 to be lying down
 to be made for each other
 to be made of
 to be madly in love with
 to be marked
 to be mean
 to be meant for
 to be meant for each other
 to be meant to
 to be missing
 to be mistaken
 to be moderate
 to be near
 to be necessary
 to be neglected
 to be noisy
 to be obliged to so.
 to be obsessed with
 to be obstinate
 to be obvious
 to be of importance
 to be of someone's opinion
 to be of use
 to be off duty
 to be off form
 to be offended
 to be offhand
 to be ok
 to be omitted
 to be on
 to be on a committee
 to be on a diet
 to be on an IV drip
 to be on at sb
 to be on display
 to be on drugs
 to be on duty
 to be on edge
 to be on fire
 to be on first-name terms with so.
 to be on patrol
 to be on sick leave
 to be on so.'s side
 to be on the brink of sth
 to be on the go
 to be on the news
 to be on the point of doing sth
 to be on the same page
 to be on the verge of doing sth
 to be on the way
 to be on the wrong track
 to be on time
 to be on trial
 to be on welfare
 to be open
 to be operated on
 to be opposed
 to be out of reach
 to be out of season
 to be out of sight
 to be out of sth
 to be out of work
 to be over
 to be overweight
 to be over­hasty
 to be part of
 to be patient
 to be permitted
 to be pissed
 to be popular
 to be prepared
 to be prepared for
 to be present
 to be present at
 to be profitable
 to be prominent
 to be proper
 to be proud of so.
 to be provided for
 to be quiet
 Be quiet!
 to be quits with sb
 to be quoted
 to be ready
 to be ready for
 to be really excited about something
 to be reasonable
 Be reasonable!
 to be reflected
 to be refused sth
 to be rejected
 to be related to
 to be related to someone
 to be released
 to be relegated
 to be relevant
 to be reliant on
 to be reluctant
 to be reported
 to be reputed
 to be resentful
 to be resplendent
 to be responsible
 be responsible for
 to be right
 to be rooted
 to be ruined
 to be sad about something
 to be satisfied
 to be satisfied with sth
 be sb's move
 to be scared
 to be scared of
 to be scared shitless
 to be scared to death
 to be seated
 to be self-absorbed
 to be ship­wrecked
 to be short of
 to be short of cash
 to be shut
 to be shy of doing sth
 to be siblings
 to be silent
 to be sitting down
 to be situated
 to be sleepwalking
 to be slow
 to be smashed to pieces
 to be smitten
 to be sold out
 to be springy
 to be stingy
 to be strenuous
 to be stuck
 to be stuck in a traffic jam
 to be studded with
 to be subject to
 to be subordinate to
 to be subordinate to so.
 to be successful
 to be sufficient
 to be suitable
 to be suited
 to be suited for
 to be suited to
 to be superfluous
 to be supposed to
 to be sure
 to be surprised
 to be taciturn
 to be taken aback
 to be taken in
 to be taken with
 to be taller than
 to be tangent to
 to be tempted
 to be terrified
 be that as it may
 to be the anniversary of
 to be the first to come
 be the third wheel
 to be there
 to be there for sb
 to be thirsty
 to be through with sth
 to be thunderstruck
 to be tipsy
 to be tired of something
 to be to
 to be together
 to be tough on
 to be traveling
 to be unable to avoid
 to be unable to speak
 to be unaware of sth
 to be undecided
 to be under the delusion
 to be understood
 to be unfaithful
 to be unlucky
 to be unneccessary
 to be unoccupied
 to be unsuccessful
 to be unwell
 to be up
 to be up against
 to be up and about again
 to be up and running
 be up the pole
 to be up to mischief
 to be up to sth
 to be upset about something
 to be upset with someone
 to be urgent
 to be used to
 to be used to do sth
 to be used up
 to be valid
 to be visible
 to be warm
 to be watched
 to be wavy
 to be well informed
 to be well matched
 to be well-versed
 to be wild about sth
 to be willing
 to be with sb
 to be worried
 to be worried about something
 to be worth it
 to be worth while
 to be worthwhile
 to be worthy of sth
 to be wrong
 to consider sb to be sth
 Don't be a pain!
 Don't be a pest!
 Don't be mislead!
 Don't be so pigheaded!
 He can't be fooled.
 He likes to be pampered.
 I have to be there by 9 o'clock at the latest.
 I have to be there by 9 o'clock.
 I used to be ...
 I'll be back in a second.
 I'll be seeing you!
 if need be
 It can't be helped.
 It remains to be seen.
 It's great to be back!
 to lay: be laid up
 to let be
 Lets be sensible!
 to long to be back
 Ms. Huth will be with you in a moment.
 Ms. Neal will be here shortly.
 to not to be able to get a word in edgewise
 Please be seated!
 to pretend to be dead
 to pretend to be sth
 to prove to be
 That can't be true!
 That can't be!
 That could be.
 That may be so, but ...
 That may be.
 That'll be 5 dollars.
 The tooth has to be pulled.
 There could be sth in it.
 This has to be sewn.
 to be a bag of bones
 to be a smart-ass
 to be all eyes
 to be at sb's disposal
 to be at stake
 to be beside oneself
 to be bowled over
 to be crazy about sth
 to be even with sb
 to be expecting
 to be fed up with so.
 to be freezing to death
 to be frozen stiff
 to be full of oneself
 to be homesick
 To be honest, I think ...
 to be in a bad way
 to be in a tight spot
 to be in high spirits
 to be in league with
 to be in the dark about sth
 to be in the know
 to be in the red
 to be in the same boat
 to be in the way
 to be laid up
 to be left empty-handed
 to be mad about
 to be made for it
 to be on air
 to be on cloud nine
 to be on good terms
 to be on guards
 to be on intimate terms
 to be on one's guard
 to be on one's mind
 to be on the ball
 to be on the dole
 to be on the safe side
 To be on the safe side ...
 to be on the spot
 to be on the wrong track
 to be out of joint
 to be out of place
 to be saddled with sb
 to be scared stiff
 to be set on
 to be short
 to be short of
 to be sick of sth
 to be slow in the uptake
 to be standing until one is ready to drop
 to be tailor-made for sb
 to be thick-skinned
 to be up to no good
 to turn out to be
 What's the weather going to be like?
 When do I have to be there?
 When will it be done?
 When will it be ready?
 When will you be done?
 would be
 Would you be my witness?
 Would you be so kind and ...
 You have no business to be here.
 You must be joking!

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